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Session Introduction

Nino Nishnianidze

Tbilisi Classic and Traditional Medicine Academy, Republic of Georgia

Title: Wrong methods of lips contour plasty with A and E vitamins injections and their complications

Nino Nishnianidze Graduated Tbilisi Classic and Traditional Medicine Academy, Faculty of Medicine, diploma of Doctor of General practice. She passed the complete the whole course of aesthetic cosmetology, acupuncture (Moscow), passed the complete course of plastic and aesthetic dermato-cosmetology, and also the complete residency courses in dermato-venerogy. She attends seminars and master classes in dermatology, dermato–pathology, dermatooncology and dermato-surgery. She is the member of Georgian Association of Dermatology and Venereology, Georgian Society of Aesthetic Medicine, Georgian Association of Photodermatology and Skin Cancer.


Subject: Hyaluronic acid-sulfide-free glycosaminoglycan composing in connective tissues and biological liquids. The hyaluronic acid may be received by biotechnical synthesis too, which use to solve problems in contour plasty of lips correction such us fillers. Nowadays contour plasty of the lips is becoming actual. There are performing lips shape change, volume increase and defect removal (so-called harelip, scars etc.) during the procedure. Many patients make their lips contour plasty with A and E vitamins injections which have many complications.
Goal: Unfortunately, there are some problems related to the procedure to differentiate hyaluronic acid and vitamins A and E. Nowadays, for lips correction must use fillers with hyaluronic acid, because the obtained acid is clearing, drying and passing many chemical and bacterial researches. Such way obtained preparation are fillers with hyaluronic acid (hyaluronate), which use to solve problems in contour plasty of lips correction and they are not neither toxic nor causing allergic or inflammatory reactions.
Material and methods: There are patients who make subcutaneously injections with vitamin A and E. After vitamin injection the first complications like allergic reactions, the skin is evidently swollen and tighten. Palpation area is painless. Recess is not performed during hand press, besides patient has difficulties during talking. These symptoms are subcutaneously injected with vitamin A and vitamin E for lips correction not hyaluronic acid. Vitamin A and E are vitamins dissolving in fat, injecting only in muscles!
In cases the vitamins are injected in skin subcutaneous tissues, the preparations starts depositing and are toxicity.
Results: After fillers injection results are successful. Lip gives good shape and volume without complication. But after vitamin injection there are some problems related to the procedure appearing like allergic reactions, swelling and hyperemia.
Outcome: Use only fillers with hyaluronic acid for lips correction!
Not vitamins, they are dangerous! To inject subcutaneously possible complications!